Friday, October 8, 2010

been awhile

haven't really been feeling all that creative as of late. not that anyone's reading. hahaha, i feel like this is more for my own personal whathaveyou. oh well, we all need our outlets. since my last post...whenever that was, a whole lot of nothing has been happening. summer is now over. it was a very mellow one. i fully enjoy the mellow life these days. i spent labor day in rosarito, mexico with a good friend. we had a beach(ish) house for a few days, fully un-equipped with electricity! haha, candle lit meals, no hot water, and thanks to t-mobile sucking no way to call anyone to remedy this! it made for a little more adventure and in the long run, we loved it! before that, saul and i got our nerd on at comic-con. i'd never been! a lot of walking, a lot of crazies, not enough harry potter, vip status on the dexter panel. hello, no lines! pretty awesome, dunno if i'll make this an annual thing, though.
in more recent news, i have acquired a new tattoo. it's the symbol of the deathly hallows. yep, you read correctly. my love for harry potter is permanently etched into my arm. funny how as a 18-to young twenty something, i was always afraid of tattooing my arms and in the last two years, i've gotten three pieces of art that are very dear to me right there for all to see. they mean a lot, though. simple.
PETS! well, if you've visited our home over the last 9 months, you'd have seen that brodie, my nine year old white cat that somewhat resembles a goat, relocated to the top of the refrigerator in an attempt to show his major dislike for the newest member of our family, jarvis, a 3 year old aussie cattle dog/shepherd mix. brodie spent SIX MONTHS atop the major appliance. i even bought him a bed to keep up there. well, mid august/early septemeber, brodie rejoined the family. he still hisses when jarvis merely glances in his direction, but they both sleep in the bed with us, and when jarvis slumbers, brodie cuddles up to him and sniffs and licks away.
well, i think i'm gonna get back in the blog saddle again, so please forgive me for practically letting this thing whither a bit. I"M BACK! i think i just needed a few days of rain to wash away the negativity and get those creative juices flowing again! it's amazing what rain can do for the soul, and now the sun is shining in that beautiful autumn way with a brisk breeze in the air. all is fresh and new.
besos, kids. tqm

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