Wednesday, October 20, 2010

black magic

as of late, my interest in crystals has grown. as a kid, my mom gave a a pretty, polished, and smooth rose quartz, which surprisingly enough, i still own. i say that because i lose EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! it's a funny story with that one. see, she had this boyfriend who was a little younger and she broke up with him...for the guy that had eventually become my stepdad and they just celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary. yeah! pretty incredible. anyway, this boyfriend didn't take the whole break up well, he gave my mom said crystal, and apparently it was supposed to mean love. now, to me, all this seems as if there would be bad luck attached to this crystal. the guy turned into a total weirdo. but, as luck would have it, it's still here; mom's married, i'm almost 30 and after the typical rough patches of love, i got a man!
i have one other crystal. a co-worker tells me what it is and what it means all the time and i can NEVER remember...apparently it's isn't for memory or the mind.
so nooooooooow, two just isn't enough! for the first time, i can't wait for the ranaissance faire to come! hahaha, my mom has been making me go almost annually (i've weasled my way out a few times) for the last 19 years! so silly, how i get obsessed with something like this, now i have to wait until april.
and now for you listening AND viewing pleasure: Jarvis cocker (whom my dog was named for) performing my favorite song of his as a solo artist!

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